Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bushwacking into 2012

It's been over a month since I've posted. The holidays were pretty busy and I haven't had many opportunities to climb for a while. With cold weather coming I'm excited for ice climbing. There's been a lot of moisture in the last 4 weeks and the soils ought to be saturated. With cold weather here seepage should be good for a while.

Today I did manage to convince Jon and Angela to scope out ice development local to Fredericton (I failed on dragging them all the way to Parlee Brook in the freezing rain). We checked out Jocelyn Brook falls and a creek just beside it.
I liked the colour contrast... although admittedly the water looked like pee
Nothing yet... just an incredible volume of water rushing over it. After seeing this we didn't even bother heading to Hayes falls... which would surely be more suitable for kayaking right now.

We killed the rest of the day hiking into some small crag Jon discovered near Crabbe Mt. years ago. Although it was a choss heap the day wasn't totally lost... we did find a sweet smashed up car which someone had trundled off the top of said choss heap.  You ask who would do something like that?  I answer who wouldn't?
Just a few nicks to buff-out.  In Cuba, it'd be on the road in a day with cheap Russian parts!

Happy New Year readers... I hope to find lots to write about in 2012. Cheers.