Rockwood Park MTB Map

Black = Roads (or Gravel)
Blue = Wide Track 
Green = Single Track
Yellow = Technical / Hard / Steep

Over the summer I've gotten involved in mountain biking again. It was initially difficult to get good info on the new trail systems developed since I stopped biking about 7 years ago. I began to compile/create what maps I could. This particular map was mostly data-mined from the park's website and that of the Rock Challenge race page.

I put up this map hoping that it might make it easier to find good riding for others. Please remember that the access to these systems is often delicate. Please remember to leave little trace you were there and be respectful to other trail users. Don't assume that you've got any right to be there.

I'll maintain the map periodically so if you have any additions... please send them along.

For those of you with Google Earth, you can download the KMZ file for these areas: Here

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  1. Hey know there's already a printed map of all the mtb trails in Rockwood? Also, there are orienteering maps that show all the trails as well and there are "O" maps for O'dell, Wolastook and Mactaquac in the Freddy area...they might help. I've got lots of old ones if you want them. Shawn