Sunday, September 8, 2013

Artwork For Ascent NB

For many of my readers, 'Ascent NB' is an idea that I hope you've heard of somewhere already. With any luck, and with some community support, it should soon be a reality. It aims to become an advocacy group for all climbers within the province, with a strong focus on securing access. 

With the launch and first AGM of that organization coming soon, I've been asked to draft some original artwork and a logo for the organization. Something that we can put in online media... and maybe bang onto a few t-shirts (everybody loves t-shirts). 

At this point... I need feedback.  I've got a few ideas, all very different. What do you like / dislike?  What are the elements or style considerations that make you prefer one over the other? Please let me know your reaction.  I'm looking to hear what you like best if you had to design something yourself.  

Thanks for the help.  

Now... the short-list: