Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bait n' Switch

So last Saturday night I ate at a fancy restaurant in Saint John with Jill, her sister, and brother-in-law. The occasion was Nicole's b-day and she wanted to eat at Thandi. Sounds good. Jill and I are actually shopping around for wedding caterers and this place was short-listed so I thought it would be good idea to give them try first.

The place was packed... #1 good sign right? Visually stunning too with a great feel. After waiting a half hour to be seated and another hour to be served I was starved. (ice climbing all day... see last post). To boot... this place had Red Snapper on the menu... a delicious little fish not easy to find in Fredericton. Yum.

This brings me to my point... imagine my disappointment when I'm served what could only be described by first visual as frozen haddock fillets. The first bite confirmed it... I was a victim of the old 'bait and switch'. (sorry... just too obvious).

Turns out that the problem of swapping in cheaper fish and pawning them off as premium has now filtered down to Saint John. It's now well known that this happens in upscale NY sushi houses. Check out this article in the NY Times. Take your DNA decoder with you next time you hit up Thandi.

...and just 'cause it needs to be said, the haddock was overcooked and bland. I should have sent it back but everyone knows I'm a total wimp when it comes to that.

Thandi = 4 thumbs down

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