Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alberta & BC

Thought I'd post up a few things from the trip Jill and I took out west last week. We ended up having a lot of fun!

Started the week off in Calgary with a list of must-do's from a friend who lives there now. Ticked off a few good ones including MEC for some new pitons and lunch in the rotating restaurant atop the Calgary Tower.
Here's a view of the Calgary skyline from our table (word to the wise... we weren't told ahead of time that lunch is going to run you at least $80 when she's all said and done).

Next we stopped for the night in Lethbridge and headed down to Fernie for some skiing. Southern Alberta is absolutely part of the prairies... flat, devoid of trees, and completely strait gridded roads. We passed a massive wind farm (probably a few hundred turbines) and so I had to get in a picture with one.

Tom Tom (our GPS) got us slightly lost when I disagreed with it's choice of dirt roads and we ended up adding some time it took to get to the Rockies. If lost in this area of the country... prepare to end up in WalMarts chocked full of hutterites. No kidding.

The Rockies are an awesome sight. They come up like a brick wall out of the flats and they go on seemingly forever. This is a shot just entering Crow's Nest Pass.

Here's the 'burmis tree'. Several hundred years old at death... the locals have it propped up with wires, anchors, and pickets. Very odd.

On the way to Fernie you pass Sparwood, BC. An old coal town this place is home to the world's supposedly largest truck. Check this bad boy out!

Fernie is a big mountain. Seriously. Sadly however there was no powder when we were there but good snow nonetheless. The summit is well above treeline and there are 5 huge alpine bowls to ski. Awesome.

Jays's wedding went off without a hitch. I didn't lose any of the rings and I don't think I offended anyone with my toast. A great success I guess. The Mormons were really nice folks and seemed very accepting. Best yet... Terri Jo is a licensed pilot so I'll know who to call when I need a ride into the Bugaboos!

Spent a final night in Calgary out with another old friend, Cathy (yeah... the irony is thick). Went for sushi and Jill braved the sashimi for the first time and liked it! Good for her. After dinner we actually got a tour of the 1988 Calgary Olympic venue. For a cool hundred bucks... you and 3 of your most foolish friends can get a zip down the full sized bobsled track! Super cool.

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