Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Float

Last weekend Jill and I made our annual float to Grand Manan. Great place. I spent the weekend roaming around taking photos, watching marine life, and eating fine foods. Blackberries were in full season so I ended up picking a kilo while waiting for the ferry. Another kilo probably never made it into our buckets..

Blackberries. Tart.

We came to a couple of epiphanies:
  1. We want to get back onto team veg. So as of Sept. 1st we're vegan again for a while.
  2. We want waterfront property. Eventually. But not on the island... somewhere on the lower river. I'm now shopping.
Anyway, I think half the reason why we like fishing communities so much is that they seem to share our taste in colour. All vibrant; all the time. Although I found lots of nice flowers and nature over the weekend it was the man-made colour on the island that really stuck out:

A collection of the colours I found.

Anyway, I've talked about it before but this map points to the location of the best campsite I personally know of.

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  1. OMG, that makes so much sense. It probably is the color that makes me like fishing communities so much. Although that doesn't explain Wolfville...