Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday I took my old man to the CFL football game in Moncton. He's a huge CFL fan and he's been stoked to go since it was announced a year ago.

The event itself was really smooth. Buses ran quickly from parking to the stadium. Lines moved efficiently. Beer available everywhere! Nice work Moncton!

The football was sloppy. A lot of fumbles and interceptions... many in scoring range. It was a weird game.

The one really funny thing was this red-haired, freckled kid two rows in front of me. Now I don't like to label people... but this kid lived up to the stereotype. 100% Team Ginger! Some fool felt it was a good idea to arm him with a Vuvuzela??? As such, in good ginger form he made it a mission to piss off everybody around him. He buzzed that thing in the ears of the rows in front of him and swung it around hitting the girl sitting in front of me in the face.

Eventually, the kid's dad finally clued-in and took it away. Staying true to form little ginger cried, stamped his feet, and then pouted! Super Funny!


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  1. No labeling gingers!!!!! What will Robyn think of you???