Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Few New Bolts

You win some and you loose some.

Last weekend I planned on finally bolting 'Scrambled Signal', a moderate sport line at Cedar Pt. on Sunday. That meant that I had my bolt kit and the drill with me on Saturday while I was climbing at Sunnyside. Liam and I looked at a line he'd cleaned a year ago and both decided it was both worthy. This line is at the far right end of Sunnyside past 'Celestial Motion' just before it becomes a boulder heap. I even think it may have been looked at (and possibly scrubbed) a few years prior by Erick... but if so... it's been abandoned. Liam asked for some help since it would be his first route. It was a quick job and a fine addition. Well done Liam. 'Two Armed Bandit' 5.10d. A nice addition.

Liam putting in bolts for his new line.

The next day bolting at Cedar Pt. didn't go as well. I drained a full battery on 1/4 of a hole just as I did the last time I tried to establish this line. I jugged back up to my pack and grabbed another fully charged battery only to waste it on 1/2 a hole near the top of the line. WTF! Two dead batteries in less that a singe bolt hole. The weird thing is they both were drilling smoothly making quick progress and then went instantly dead. To make matters worse, the second hole was being drilled in the marble-looking rock that makes up the top 20 feet of the route. This rock was literally pulverizing from the vibration all around the bolt hole giving it a blown-out look. It did not inspire confidence. For this reason, I believe the second quarry area at Cedar Pt. might have to remain a top rope only area.

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  1. Hey Chris, it sounds to me like you may have had a bad drill bit. If they are not uber sharp they can act up on you. Not sure what brand you were using but I find the Wolsely bits wear out fast.