Friday, December 31, 2010

First Ice of the Season, Last of 2010

Went out ice climbing with my new (to-me) gear and the same old Jon C. It was a good way to spend New Year's Eve day. We stopped in at a roadside waterfall he heard about on the way to Hayes Falls. Lower Joclin Falls is a short 25' chute with potential for about 3 lines. Jon led the FA on the right side of the falls while the center was blasting water at full bore. Well done!

A look at the Lower Joclin Brook Falls.

This place can be found by parking at km #250 heading west from Fredericton on the Trans-Canada. I've marked the spot on my 'NB Ice Climbing' map. Worth a quick stop.

Jon leading the right side.

Hayes Falls was in. The ice was varied with some hero ice mixed in with some baked ice and the occasional hollow stuff. I led the center line a few times and Jon led the smear in the woods. The main falls has a lot of water volume crashing under the ice which made for an interesting day.

My new Cobras were very very nice! A bit of work is needed on the interface between my Rambo 4's and my old plastic boots. They fit... but not 100%. I'll probably write about this sometime but for today... all was good.

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