Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Aid Weekend 2

We went training again yesterday. The objective was to see if it was even realistic to take our planned weight up a wall. We figure that water, food, and gear for 4 people on 4/5 days will be heavy. Really heavy. Like 300lbs heavy. As such, we wanted to see if we could even haul that kind of weight. We picked the Sparky Start area as a potential worst case situation since it's a slab with lots of ledges and corners.

Got to L-Shape early on in the morning and filled two haul bags with random stones/rocks. The estimate was that it was over 330lbs (considering I could only get about 5 bicep curls cranked off ;) We hauled that pig about 200' up to the ledge at the base of Rhythim Stick over the next 3 hours or so. Long story short: it sucked... but was possible. Hauling rocks only to pitch them off seemed really funny. Only we'd waste a nice climbing day doing that.
Burley & Henni hauling the pig. 
Afterward, the crew split up and solo-aided around. Instead, I found a couple of willing new partners and cranked off a few classic pitches in the beautiful sun. Props to PES for cruising Astroboy Direct on only his 3rd or 4th gear lead. Nice work.
PES cruises up Astroboy Direct on one of his first few gear leads.

Chris solo-aiding on Waterwalk

A few more photos here:


  1. 5 bicep curls with 300lbs....I'd like a ticket to that gun show.