Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leaving for El Cap

In less than 48 hours I'll be leaving for a 2 week trip to California with the aim of climbing El Cap with my buddies Erick, Chris, and Adam.

'Psyched' doesn't really do it any justice.

It will be interesting. In about a year of training I've already accomplished quite a bit. I've pushed my climbing grades, I've dropped almost 20 lbs, and I've become better at separating irrational fear from things that are actually real risks. It's still going to pretty epic though.

Not sure what route we'll pick.

That will have to wait until we get there and scope out the crowds. The short list includes the Nose, Triple Direct, Lurking Fear, or the Zodiac. Any of those will be a significant challenge, and outside of anything we've done before. If all goes well we'll still be friends when we're back on terra-firma.

I've decided to bring the big camera on the route and I've borrowed a helmet-video cam.  Should be fun. I've also been in contact with Tom E. at ElCapReport and hopefully he'll shoot some really cool photos of us. So, you might find us on his site mid-way through next week.

Should be fun and I'll post up some pics in two week when I return.

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