Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Views of Yosemite


Half Dome... and the valley
Middle Cathedral Spire
El Cap... in a gathering storm

Half Dome shot from Glacier Point head-on
Big Trees

'The Grizzly Giant'
Mariposa Grove 
Henni and 'The Twins'
Adam showing the size of the Sugar Pine cones being dropped on us like missiles
Yosemite Free Climbs

Reed's Pinnacle Direct. A sustained & exposed 5.9+ hand-crack we did. Unknown climber.
Marcelle at the crazy funky knob hill area. Massive chicken-head climbing.
Henni stemming the 5.10c first pitch of Salathe
The Crew

Burley rockin' a scarf of biners!
Adam 'Holleywood Rancheros' Morgan... rockin the Kanye shades!
H-Bomb... rockin the sweet handlebars at the fire!
Marcelle... rockin her perma-smile!
Me... rockin my new nerd glasses!

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  1. Amazing pictures as always Chris!!!
    slideshow this weekend?