Sunday, January 6, 2013

Isklattring - Glebe

Finally made the trek into check out the Glebe Rd. ice amphitheater yesterday to check out the climbing. A long hike through rolling topography leads to a steep ravine carved out in the landscape. Between the group of 5 climbers we lead about 6 independent lines with many more formed. The selection is nice and the terrain very similar to Parlee Brook. 

Personally, I had a decent start to the season and managed to lead a few grade 3 pitches to warm myself up. I got on a funky pitch of chandelier ice that my Norwegian friend Anders put up while here: Holy Cow! Interesting climb buddy. 

Lots of water flowing under the ice everwhere and many hanging curtains will eventually touch down in cool formations. Hard stuff has already formed with Lucas T. and Greg H. both leading some impressive grade 4+ pillars. Here's a shot of Greg on one which had barely touched down. 
Greg committing to a delicate pillar

Also, I should mention that the screws I sent to Charles P. in Quebec last spring worked absolutely perfectly. Check out his service at this web address! What was particularly good was that he's able to convert Grivel screws (which I find terrible to start) into a more aggressive black diamond tooth pattern. Well worth the money. 

Rope / gear drying station


  1. So glad you got into check out Glebe road, it's a pretty spectacular place for sure! Nice pics :)

  2. Cool!
    Is the topo still up-to-date? :)

  3. I'm not sure Anders... I was just getting an initial tour of the place? I'm sure with this year's 'fat' conditions new FAs will probably go up if the weather keeps up!