Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ice School 2013

The past two weekends a pile of my time's been spent helping the club with Ice School. I was really impressed with all the students this year. There was a lot of willingness to huck themselves at whatever. Several made some really terrific improvement over the course. Remember... stick a tool once for every 2-3 moves of the feet! 

Last week we climbed at Eagle Rock for the only ice that apparently existed within 45 minutes of Fredericton. Although I'm not sure if I'd recommend climbing the easy flows we set up I did go exploring for a while and found a great looking pitch (what I think the guidebook lists as PWL)? This place does have some great gully chutes though! 

le glissade
This weekend the group moved to Mt. Misery... which makes an ideal stop for this type of thing. With the warm temperatures there was some concern about stability. Before the group arrived I easily cleared off a few refrigerator-sized daggers that hung over the belays... none of which required much of a kick. The warm temperatures also brought enjoyable soft ice... and rumors of even a few shirtless climbers in mid Feb. 

Hope everyone enjoyed. 

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