Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slabs are Warmer

... at least that's Dom's theory. It's reasonable... he figures jugs make you colder since the surface contact area with your hands is greater. So slabs must be warm right? Pretty much. A few of us spent a cold day there making the best of what has been a darn cold spring so far. (and as I write it's snowing... with more forecast for the weekend... ack). 

Les Dalles is a nice spot to practice up your slab technique in a well protected setting. Give it a try before heading to Whitehorse. We climbed a few nice routes and even did a diagonal traverse from right to left of the whole wall. 

Also climbed a route at Mt. Doug's East Face called Vapour Trails. Nice pitch, but I could do with less ice on it at this time of year! 

Pete asked 'What should I do for the camera'?  Answer: More of this.
Dom on the thin bit of the 9+ route.
Pete colour-coordinates. 
Sonia cruises confidently despite a snoozing belay.
Cool pockets on the slab.
Looks steep for slabs


  1. That picture of Pete should definitely be on the front page of UNB R&I's website. That or the new guidebook. Somewhere where it can be seen forever!

  2. Sound theory, Dom, but if it's sub-zero and overcast until after lunch, and the slabs face East it means they are fully shaded all afternoon... it's not going to be warm at Les Dalles!