Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

So I celebrated Earth Day today. Here's how...

I opened my power bill. Today happened to be the day that I got my annual report card on energy consumption. So, while some celebrate by turning off a light bulb for an hour or by committing to do better next year, I'm celebrating by showing off what I've already done.

Over the past 12 months I dropped my power consumption by %22. Now... admittedly, not all of those savings are my doing. I looked up Fredericton's change in heating degree days over the same time frame. Heating degree days are calculated on how much colder than 16 degrees Celsius the temperature is. It is a good indicator of household heating needs. Over the past year, Fredericton was 10% warmer (so I can't claim that) but the difference of 12% is mine to brag about. New windows, better seasoned wood, and a few new efficient appliances contributed to the saving.

... and oh yeah, the SUV got replaced with a little car too! Happy day Earth!

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