Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stag Party

I need to catch up on a few fun things that happened over the past 2 weeks... beginning with perhaps the coolest stag party ever.

Chris, John, Anders, and I booked out of work early Friday afternoon headed for Welsford. My mission was to lead the arch in Joe's Garage and have an anchor set under Gumby's roof before dark. We packed up aid racks, portaledges, beer, food, water, etc. and were off. Hiking with all that will either kill you or make you strong as a bastard. No middle ground.

We got to Joe's in decent time considering the burden and I got racked up. I was then awarded my weekend 'rack'... a set of inflatable D-cup boobs. Climbing with large boobs is damn near impossible. You can't see your gear sling, your feet, nothing. I was constantly having to move them around to get the right size cam off my harness. Nice to look at... but I'm glad I don't own a set. Fast forward a few hours, the worst pin I've ever trusted, and a wide crack to find me now at a bomber anchor under the roof.

Me leading the arch - Probably C1+ @Anderfo

By now Erick had joined us, hauled, and had the ledges almost all set up. By dark we were all set up with plenty of beer. The boys even brought up an inflatable wife, Rosalita, to keep me warm. Very nice touch.

Anders... insulin deprived! @Anderfo

Saturday morning we climbed a bit, cleaned our rather huge mess at the base of Joe's, and headed off to the Gorge. The Gorge is probably the best swimming hole in NB. Cliffs, a big bridge jump, Tarzan rope, and always good weather. Ryan met up with us there.

Ryan launching the cliff @Anderfo

Next we were off to Pennfield for skeet shooting. Now I grew up in the city with a fishing father so I'd never handled a firearm before. Totally a good time. The lot of us fired at least half a thousand shells that afternoon. I did better than I thought but still sucked. Anders was quite good and Erick is pro. Then again, he quit climbing for this stuff.

Note the shootin' glasses and hooters! @Anderfo

Following that we made it back to Fredericton for a night of booze at Chris's place. Jenny came out and braved the stagosphere and we spent the night burnin' stuff, drinking, and hot-tubbing. I'd be hard pressed to think of a more bitchen' 24 hours.

All pictures stolen from Anders. He has more here

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  1. A great idea for a bachelor party. That's how good fun looks!