Friday, July 9, 2010

The Wedding

Now I got married about two weeks ago. I must say that my wife Jill was awesome. She pulled together a wedding and reception that worked out perfect. Very relaxed, great friends, unique ideas, it was totally custom made for us. Great job Jill.

I had a lot of fun. We took pictures down town Saint John before the wedding an made a total spectacle of ourselves. Random cruise boat people would clap for us as we stormed around the market. We tucked in a ceremony in the Public Gardens just in the nick of time before the place was overrun with graduating high-school kids. (I was guaranteed no other weddings that day but nobody said anything about hoards of well-dressed kids). We also did a good little party afterwards at my in-laws place with piles of food and drinks. I had a perfect time.

Thanks to everyone willing to take a random Tuesday to see Jill and I get hitched!

A selection of friends and family... as shot through our photo-booth... with my chintzy ebay $5 remote setup. Worked like a charm!

Ryan. In his best rock-out face.

Jess and Jon (crafter of our rings)

Krystal and Jenny (my best lady)

The Tompkins ladies.

Marcellegar! (best man on the left)

Adam (Rasta wedding singer!) Jah Mon!

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