Thursday, January 27, 2011

Problems Around Fredericton

The last few times I've been at the gym I've been hearing some younger climbers talk about finding problems local to Fredericton. I've been there. Before owning a rack and a car we used to go around town after class buildering and chasing the few boulders that are local. It's good fun.
The map above locates all of the areas I know of around Fredericton with problems easily accessible to local climbers. All you need is a bike (and an optional crash pad). There's probably way more problems out there so go find them.

Now... when you're out buildering, use some common sense. Public buildings are generally o.k. if you keep a low profile. Private property is different. If somebody asks you to leave... just go. None of these problems are worth putting up a fight for.

For those of you with Google Earth, you can download the KMZ file for these areas: Here


  1. any photos of the hanwell parking lot problems

  2. Nope. Just imagine a series of splitter, shallow, thin finger cracks. Jon, Adam, and I all were instantly shut down. They'll go for somebody but not us. The arete will be the coolest problem.

  3. thats cool when i get to nb i will take a look. are they behnd the building where golf town was? i suspect i will be here in TO for a while yet but am curious to see them for sure. hw high are they

  4. They are high enough to want a rope... but low enough that you might feel like a sissy tied in. Your call.

  5. Hey Chris, Great post! I used to be fanatic builderer at Dalhousie University. Forget about squamish, some of my most memorable bouldering problems were on those comcrete buildings. I put out a little guidebook for the dal campus and can send you a copy.

    Have you seen what they do at UBC?