Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scouting Mt Misery

I managed to find partners Saturday willing to go to Mt. Misery... a feat in itself these days with a recent plague of skate-skiing hitting the Fredericton community hard. I very much wanted to see how the ice is growing with a few weeks left to go until Ice School. 

Stacey, Greg, and their girls were game and I also found more willing partners in Angela and Magda. The weather was good and the river frozen well. 

The ice is coming along but it isn't as far as this time last year. Too much dry precipitation and not a typical Saint John rain, cold, rain, cold, etc winter. We found a few lines worth climbing and actual a very nice fat flow in the shade which I lead. This was probably as steep as anything I've lead before. Between the number of screws I plugged in a short climb and Stacey's imaginative commentary below I was well entertained. Something about me wondering 'where the hell I was going to finish'.  Anyway... 

Oh, and I've been catching a lot of flack lately about my rope... so I finally ordered a new line tonight. 

A few photos made in crummy light but with lovely models: 

Stacey... kick, kick, thwack, thwack
Angela... kick, kick, thwack, thwack

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