Monday, January 16, 2012

Still Thin at the Quarry

Had a fun day out at the Quarry yesterday with a good crew from the club. Spent the day playing on top-rope for the most part although Drain Pipe was in. Despite the prediction of -18 (-25 with windchill) we weren't feeling cold. In the sun this place cooks. Magda's watch thermometer was reading +5 degrees when sitting on her black backpack in the afternoon sun. Water was flowing all day and the ice had a hard, but kinda sticky consistency which made thin-ice climbing work well. In another 2 weeks I hope the entire area grows in.

I did manage to learn something... a well-constructed V-thread will probably hold a rappel! Jon built one which I bounce-tested pretty violently and it stood up like a champ with only a bit of surface cracking. I gotta get one of those V-hooks.

Jon C... waving his arms no doubt in the middle of some funny BS story. 
Doktor Magma... getting into the thin business.
... great success!

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  1. It was a great day - - thin can be fun!