Monday, January 30, 2012

A Strong Kiwi We Bumped Into On El Cap

I don't typically like to re-post content from others on my site...  however... this is worth it!

Featured is Mayan Smith-Gobat's free ascent of the Salathe wall. She passed our party much lower on this route and we chatted for a while sharing a belay station. She seemed pretty focused on the route at the time but was still sociable. At the time I didn't have a clue who she was (other than obviously some woman who'd just cruised a hard pitch below me and then blasted off at warp speed after we'd spoken). I think if I'd have known it probably wouldn't have changed much of the conversation but I'd have probably wished her luck and maybe I'd have offered her a Nutella sammich. Actually... I'd probably have asked her to shoot our ropes up the next few pitches for us!

Anyway, we're probably about a dozen pitches below her in this video. I caught a glimpse of the Mammoth Terraces where we bivied one night. Maybe if you squint real hard you'll see us flailing with our haul-bags down lower.

The video itself is actually excellent.

Mayan Smith-Gobat climbing the Salathe Headwall from Andy Bardon on Vimeo.

Makes me think about what this year's climbing goals might be?

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  1. Great post Chris, thanks for sharing that Video - it's awesome!
    Hmmmm. 2012 climbing season goals...that is definitely something to start pondering...