Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Weekend Climbing

Went to Cochrane Lane today with Tristan, a keen new leader who's been jumping on whatever he can with only a rack of nuts thus far. Got a lot done in a short day that turned out pretty good despite cold temps and overcast skies.

First, I cleaned up a mess I'd made last year with a laminated topo map that I posted at the first-aid box. I took down the soggy mess and put up a new copy that comes in a framed case such that the plastic didn't have to be punctured. Hopefully this stays water-tight for a while.

Climbed 5 pitches in a short day including a few real classics. Lichen Cream Cheese could be the next candidate for a bolt anchor. It ends on a big pine with a green crown but woodpeckers have blasted right in to the pith and exposed rotten wood right clear to the center of the tree. Not going to last forever. I also got on Painted Black for the first time. Turned out pretty nice.

Saw PJ up on Odin tossin flakes off and sussin' out the free beta. Can't wait for that!


  1. Kudos on the new map, Chris, thanks!. It looks good and hopefully the little roof and frame do the trick.

  2. Thanks Cory,
    The frame is just for looks. The major improvement is that the plastic is not punctured... rather, it's all glued together.