Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Business End of the Lens

A few weeks back I spent a day in Cochrane lane climbing hard stuff with Aaron. During all of this, his buddy Joe Crawford was playing with a new camera rig he'd been set up to work with this summer. Joe's previously worked on a cool film project that was screened at Fredericton's Banff Film Festival last year! Since I'm seldom on the business end of the lens I thought I'd share a few he sent along to me. All of the shots below are his: 

Jai Voile Ta Blonde - 5.10+
I almost hit that bolt with my knee!
Nice spring day.
I like this shot! Phil O. on 'Ride a Cock Horse'
Sticky Fingers - 5.10b. Yay for offset brassies! (Do I really look like this?)
And the best for last... a video of my fail at the crux! (Sorry for the language... keep in mind that I was already waaay pumped... this is at the end of the pitch)

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  1. Trad climbing... terrifying. I'll stick to sport for a year or two for sure.