Sunday, November 18, 2012

Poaching Routes Outside of Official Climbing Season

The weather this November has been top notch... and still we have another solid week of Sun in the forecast. With the temperature today reaching 5-6 degrees, I wanted to get a few pitches packed into what was absolutely an excellent weekend. This cries afoul of last week's Facebook announcement by the UNB Rock & Ice club that rock season has come to an official end as of Oct. 31st. Write me a ticket!

Climbed a number of good pitches and worked a little closer towards a send of Dihelio. Dom showed me a small but key chip in the rock that I didn't know about before. I will put it all together soon. I think if I was in the same shape I was this spring I might have it - so I'm getting back on the running - and off the cookies. 

It is cold tonight. Icicles persisted the entire day today at Sunnyside in a few spots. I'd bet a beer that Parlee has started to form. Who will get the first NB ice this year?

Dom on Stairway to Heaven

Dom's pics of me working Dihelio

Looking swole? 

Melissa on Smells Like Rain...

Topping out the red-point!

- psyched -

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