Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Picks of the Pics

Some of my favorite images of this past year: 

Marty T. at Blue Pillar just after new years.

Huge ice crystals formed at Hayes Falls

Marty T. climbing a fat pillar at the upper flows of Mt. Misery 
Self portrait. Alone. Late night at Waterfall Wall.
A digital communication outright fail. No night-ice partners anywhere.

Chris H. entering the crux of Torpedoes & Jellyfish
Aaron D. eyeing out his jam beta to
Waterfall Layback

Singlespeed project getting it's 3rd coat of lime.
Singlespeed project complete
Franca Z. on her epic send of Moby Dick
Laurent J. clipping bolts on Chica Bonita
Liz. M. cornering the berm at Wilson's Loop

Aaron D. leading the nose of Weeping Whisker
Grace... my niece. Rocking a sprinkler.
Jill. My wife. Picking up speed in Fundy
 (taken from well up into a tree)
Liz M. cruising at the lower end of Viagra
Liz M. again. This time in Star Wars Forest at Woolastook

Melissa C. on a well-earned redpoint of Smells Like Rain
Shuttling bikes on a snowy day at Cypress Mt., B.C.
Stef K. bombing switchbacks at Woolastook