Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advance Rock School 2013

Simply being able to teach (without the organization overhead) was a treat. A perfect weekend in Welsford, with keen students, and lots of variety. Here's a few shots: 

Joel takes on the crux of Mantlepiece.
Kayla cruises the finish of Light Fandango
Local stonemaster Steve A. gives a show on Gumby's Roof
Tara learning to clean pieces on Light Fandango
Remember these few key points to keep you and your party in control of risk: 
  • Solid, Redundant, Equalized, Non-Extending
  • Powerpoint biners Opposite and Opposed
  • Communicate clearly, and use each other's names
  • Tie knots in your rope ends (take them out before pulling)
  • Weight your system before transferring over to another
Cheers and hope you enjoyed the weekend. Feel free to contact me if you've ever got any questions. 


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