Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Series of Sweet Poses Trending Upwards

Climbed a few fun routes at Greenlaw on Saturday that I hadn't done before. Managed to narrowly avoid disaster low on Bitch Recognize by pulling off an insecure stump-jam. Cool move on a nice route. Also tried my luck at Space Invaders, a very cool climb through significant overhangs on good holds. I managed to 1-hang it after blowing a close chance at a flash. Just didn't find the key hold in time. Nice line. Certainly more like 5.11a and less like the 5.12b it's given in the old guide. 

Psychedelic Ferns is one of the signature routes of this area and just about as good as any 5.9 sport climbing gets. Thoughtful moves down low, a big move through a roof, and a top-out with an ocean view. Sonia W. knows how to style it for sure:

Step 1) Bust a sweet, marginally-necessary stem.

Step 2: Stop for a snack to keep up the energy level.

Step 3) Make epic clips!

Step 4) Pose while scoping out the beta.

Step 5) Don't let the paparazzi see you fall!

A friend of ours once said "I don't climb... I just do a series of sweet looking poses trending upwards".  Seems as if someone has learned this secret! Cheers



  1. (27 days after posting)

    Sweet pics of Greenlaw - those few climbs on top of the big block in these pics are all super sick. Nice overhang near the top with juicy underclings.. so nice. Love greenlaw.

  2. Over a month since you commented and just seeing now. Thanks Sam. Good climbing indeed.

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