Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bell's Original 1978 N.B. Rock & Ice

To finish my mini-series... a bonus from the private library of Stef Kruse... the original guide to climbing in N.B.

This 1st edition pre-dates me... and many of the people climbing in N.B. today. Bell's guidebook is rich with history. The cover shot pretty much makes me inspired to do an old-school ascent of Cheekbone corner (hexes, slacks, socks, & swamis). Anyone interested? The topo here was the model I used to make a modern topo for the area last year. The drafted style is really clean and I really enjoy the old names to the areas. What was really cool was to see the club logo stamped into this guide... the same logo we use today after it was digitally resurrected a few years ago. 

What a treat. Thanks Stef. Hope you enjoyed looking back at these earlier guides as much as I have. 

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  1. Very cool- I love how he uses "di├Ędre" with an accent and everything in a few of his descriptions. Looks like he really paid attention to detail.