Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Steve Adamson's 1987 Climbers Guide to N.B.

Part 3 of my library score: Finding this, in addition to the other two books I've already posted, blew me away. This classic guidebook was in such good shape I wonder seriously that it had ever been in a pack. Again, with the author's permission, I've scanned it in order to share. It's a quality read.

At the time this book was published I was much more interested in G.I. Joes and Santa Cruz skateboards. I bet half of the current climbers at the Rock & Ice club weren't yet born. It would have been a fun time to be involved in Welsford... it must have been overwhelming in terms of possibilities for new FA's.

There's two clear highlights in this book: the grade descriptions, and the mini-epics. Reading about getting shut down on Cheekbone Corner before getting off the ground made me laugh. I've seen it. Even today's new climbers are intimidated by the prospect of leading the first pitch. I'm not sure a modern-day author would be rewarded for sharing personal stories like Steve does here. Seems like most publications only want to hear about being shut down on 5.13 or above. I thought it added a lot of character to the book.


Hope you enjoyed! p.s. I have bonus post yet to come in this Welsford history series.

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  1. Those grade descriptions are awesome.