Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making Lemon-Aid

Tonight presented the perfect conditions for a night outing to Welsford. The moon was full, the sky clear, and snow fresh. I opened the door to my car and started lacing my boots. The air was cold, but not biting... more like just fresh. I'd spotted a glimpse of the moon rising as I drove past Mt. Douglas but from the field it was still hidden behind the L-shape somewhere.

Time to decide what to do. I'm psyched to join in on a night ice session but the rest of the boys aren't here. I'd been messaged twice earlier on in the day to let me know it's on. They were supposed to have an hour jump on me so if they aren't here I figure they aren't coming. I call home and Jill says I have no messages. I have a camera, some crampons, tools, but no rope. The plan had been to get in a quick burn and then try some nighttime photography. I guess I still have half a plan.

The trail to waterfall wall is well packed and easy going. Lots of snowshoe hair tracks keeping coyotes well fed. The map I made earlier in the year for the sign-in box is trashed. I need to put that on my list... better waterproofing for the next one. The last log entry reads:

"Jan 28th - Angela & Magda - Waterfall - No Shenanigans - Yay!"

The ice at waterfall wall is bright and the moon's up. It looks and feels sunbaked. The headlamp finally gets turned on but only long enough to fit on my crampons. I made a traverse of the base before taking a self portrait and walking back down.

Who likes toque hair? 
Back at the field the moon is now rising over the upper tier and the field.

A lousy night climbing but a good hike otherwise. How's that for glass half full.


  1. Yet another scrambled signal? You missed out on some FA's from what I hear. Two-thirds of your shots turned out nice though!

  2. Yeah. That about sums it up. My post in 124 characters. Concise enough for Twitter!

  3. That sucks. But some nice full moon pictures!

  4. Awesome shots, Chris! Can I paint that last one? :)

  5. Always Rosie, I'd be honoured. But the real challenge would be to make the first shot look good! Cheers.

  6. I like the first shot!!! But the third is currently my desktop picture.